Please read our disclaimer carefully.


    The Ghost Trail Xperience is not suitable for young children or those of a nervous disposition.

    Persons below 18 years of age should always be accompanied by a responsible adult.

    For your security and safety CCTV is in operation throughout the night's performance.

    Strobing and other lighting effects may take place.

    Some surfaces on the trail may be uneven. Due to the nature of some of the locations visited wheelchair access may not always be possible.

    On very rare occasions, events may have to be cancelled at short notice, if for example guides are taken ill.

    We reserve the right to alter trail details and the right to limit the number of guests for enjoyment and safety.

    The contents of the Ghost Trail is covered by copyright and may not be recorded by any means whatsoever, without the express written approval of The Delvers.

    If in doubt contact The Delvers- 01427 811348.

    Your ticket is non transferable and no refunds can be given.

    All events attended at clients risk,no liability accepted.


    GGTX are now available for talks on the Ghost Trail and private bootkings of the trail, i.e. Birthdays etc, info via contact page